New Yorks new solution to rats? Drown them.


Authorities cart away evidence taken from the scuba boat Conception in Santa Barbara Harbor at the end of their second day searching for the remaining divers on Tuesday, Sept. 3, 2019, in Santa Barbara, Calif. High school students, a science teacher and his daughter, an adventurous marine biologist and a family of five celebrating a birthday are among those presumed to have died when fire tore through a scuba diving boat off the Southern California coast Monday, trapping dozens of sleeping people below deck. (AP Photo/Christian Monterrosa)

Talk about drowning your problems in booze!

That’s literally what Brooklyn is going do about its rat problem.

Folks there are fed up with all the rats, so they’re employing a new rat-dunking gadget to get rid of them.

A company– aptly named ‘rat trap’– created what they’re calling the ‘ekomille.’

It looks like a plain box but there are seeds and nuts in it– a nice, little snack to get the rodents inside.

But once they’re in there– there’s a trap door that drops them into a mixture of water and alcohol.

It knocks them out right away and they eventually drown.

The city tested out the box recently–

And it ended up catching 107 rats with it– in just a month– in one building!

Now the rat trap is headed for Brooklyn’s most rat-infested neighborhoods.

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