Tom Santulli, County Executive, announced the Chemung County tax rate will stay the same for the 13th consecutive year. 

Spending went up from the 2017 budget, but the tax rate will still remain at $6.86. 

Santulli says this is due to the value of property going up. 

“Our county, our full value growth, the value of property, including new construction, or expansion of existing facilities was up 2.6%,” Santulli said. 

Since 1992, there has been a 40% decrease in the county’s tax rate. 

Santulli says 2018 will be a good economic development year for Chemung County. 

“Wayfair is a great example, we have 450 jobs waiting to come to Big Flats,’ Santulli said. 

Another project is the Elmira Corning Regional Airport’s $58 million renovation. Santulli says these economic development projects are job creator air flows. 

“Jobs are what it’s all about. It’s not what can government do for me today. It’s how many jobs can we create, that actually put people to work, who spend money, that buy homes, that go to all our shopping centers, that’s how you make a great community,” Santulli said. 

Santulli plans to retire at the end of his term and has one goal in mind. 

“Property taxes in New York state is 76 percent higher than the national average, so I’m striving to come out with my 14th consecutive year without an increase,” Santulli said.