ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)– At this point, it does not appear as though lawmakers will be at the state Capitol on Saturday and Sunday because of the holidays.

“The work is continuing through the weekend, but obviously the observance of the religious holidays, starting with Passover. Happy Passover everybody. But also Easter this weekend, so the confluence of those dates at this time doesn’t always happen. Didn’t happen last year, but because of that, you sort of lose sometime so we will be able to pick up in earnest effort after the holidays,” said Governor Kathy Hochul on Wednesday.

Another budget extender is likely to take place on Monday, April 10. New York State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli sat down with Empire State Weekly’s host, Ryan Peterson, to explain what needs to happen in order for state workers to continue to get paid.

“Monday becomes a very key day for the next payroll,” explained DiNapoli. “It’s called administration payroll, a larger payroll than the institution payroll we did the week before. Look, the bottom line Ryan is they need to get the budget done. We don’t want to fall into this bad habit of every week having to do another extender. It creates a lot of tension with the state workforce.”

Republican Senator Jim Tedisco is calling for an extender to be issued before Monday. He said that will give lawmakers time to read through it, especially if it includes policy. Tedisco was asked when lawmakers are expected back at the New York State Capitol on Monday.

“They haven’t told me when I’m going to come to vote on a million or billion dollar extender plan, and they haven’t told me what’s in it,” said Tedisco. “We’d like to know that by Friday, tonight. And if they negotiate and have a good budget plan in place, and can start that, let them start that. Leave the extender aside, but there’s no reason not to have an extender or the time we are going to be in that place for Monday.”