ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday he is issuing a new executive order requiring face masks in public in the state of New York.

Starting Friday, all New Yorkers will need to carry a face mask or covering while they’re out in public. You will need to wear it in any situation where you aren’t able to social distance.

“You’re walking down the street alone. Great. You’re now at an intersection and there are people in the intersection, and you’re going to be in proximity to other people, put the mask on,” the Governor said.

Cuomo said it must cover your nose and mouth. It’s one more precaution the state is taking to fight the virus.

“It can be a mask; it can be a cloth; it can be a bandanna; you can make it colorful, have a design, make it advertising. What’s the big deal?” he said.

There’s currently no penalty for not wearing the face mask, but the Governor said it will be enforced by local governments.

If people don’t comply, he could put in place a civil penalty.