ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)– The New State Budget was originally due April 1. A new budget extender has been passed and signed by Governor Hochul. This had to be done by noon on Monday in order for state workers to continue to get paid. The Comptroller’s office said it assumes there will not be a delay in payroll at this point.

The new budget extender does not have policy in it, something the governor told me, Capitol Correspondent Jamie DeLine, on Saturday would be the case.

When asked if she knew a time timeframe in which the budget would be finalized, Hochul said. “We’re looking at another extender to give us some more time because even when a decision is made, we’ve all come together— it will take a number of days after that because it takes five hours to debate each of the bills, there might be seven bills. There is still a timeframe even when there is an agreement. So it’s going to take a little while, but I feel confident that we are making progress, so that is a good thing.”

The governor said progress would have likely been made last week, but the holidays of Easter and Passover had to be observed.

Speaker Carl Heastie provided a budget update to reporters on Monday, saying the progress has been slight and that bail has been an issue taking up 90% of the conversations.

“Bail is 1A and housing is 1B,” said Heastie. “Then I think everything else— it’s an easier path on the other things in the budget.”