ALBANY, N.Y. (WTEN) — In part of his State of the Union Address, President Biden pointed to two issues that must be addressed: affordability and protecting children online. Here in New York, legislation has been introduced to alleviate both. In 2021, The American Rescue Plan lifted 2.9 million children out of poverty. But that relief has since ended. With the affordability crisis lawmakers are proposing The Working Families Tax Credit.

Sponsor of the bill, Senator Andrew Gounardes explained what that is. “What we’re proposing to do with the Working Family Tax Credit is dramatically expand the states old existing, child tax credit and give a boost to working families who are really feeling the pinch in their pockets, We know with inflation, the price of groceries, the price of everything has gone up and working families need a break,” he said. Families would receive up to $1500 per child in quarterly payments. This legislation expands eligibility to include children four years old and younger, families regardless of citizenship status and it would allow those with the lowest income to receive the largest credit. 

Joel Berg, CEO of Hunger Free America said since state and federal aid has run out, they’ve already seen an uptick in SNAP applications. Berg said the tax credit would certainly help. “To be able to afford to pay rent, and childcare and food will be huge. It won’t be nearly enough, that’s why we need our rich Uncle Sam to also put in the federal government’s fair share, but certainly giving low income people more money to buy basic necessities of life will reduce hunger no question about that,” said Berg.

And when it comes to protecting our younger generation online, Gounardes is also sponsoring the Child Data Privacy Protection Act. The bill would  ban targeted advertising to children and also ban the collection and sale of children’s data.