ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Democratic Primary is only two months away. So where do New Yorkers stand when it comes to Governor Hochul? Siena College Research Institute Pollster, Steve Greenberg explained the latest Siena Poll.

“The good news for her is her favorability rating. Right now, 44% of New Yorkers say they have a favorable view of Kathy Hochul. 34% say they have an unfavorable view,” said Greenberg.

This is virtually the same as it was last month, and Greenberg stated Democrats mainly have a favorable view of her, which will help her in the primary. However when it comes to job performance, the numbers have dropped.

“Right now, only 36% of New Yorkers think Hochul is doing an excellent or good job as Governor, compared to only 57% who say she’s doing a fair or poor job. That’s 21 points underwater. It is the worst favorability rating she’s had since she’s been Governor, and it’s a 3 month trend now of her job performance numbers dropping over the last 3 months,” Greenberg explained.

New York State Democratic Chairman, Jay Jacobs, said he doesn’t think the downward trend will continue. When it comes to Hochul’s name appearing on the ballot, Jacobs recently announced she’s expected to be on the working families line as well.

“We felt that getting their line would be beneficial,” said Jacobs. “It wasn’t a guarantee that was the reason there were some of these considerations of the fair deal line. It wasn’t a party, it would have been a ballot line which would have made up for us not having the working family party line.”

Hochul is expected to be offered the working families line after winning the primary.