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(WETM/WIVB) – New York Republicans are pushing back on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s new license plate proposal, which would cost drivers $25 to get a new plate and another $20 to keep their number

State Assemblyman Phil Palmesano called the proposal a new tax on residents in a statement released Tuesday afternoon.

“The governor is launching the poll to try and convince people that this is a fun contest and not a new $75 million tax on the middle class. It’s ridiculous and unnecessary and yet another glaring example of a misplaced priority. The governor should call this what it is- a tax on seniors living on fixed incomes, a tax on farmers, a tax on parents who need to get to work and get their kids to school.

If the governor truly believes that it’s important for New Yorkers to have new license plates, he should’ve paid for them in his $175 billion budget. Forcing hardworking people to buy something they don’t want or need is just wrong.

We pay some of the highest taxes and face some of the costliest regulations in the country. We’ve seen over a million people flee our state in this past decade for better economic opportunities, and the governor is still looking for new ways to grab more tax revenue and continue the exodus of residents from our state. My Assembly Republican colleagues and I will continue to oppose these burdensome and costly taxes and regulations. We’ll continue working to change course and make New York state more affordable during the upcoming legislative session.”

Assemblyman Phil Palmesano (R,C,I-Corning) 

Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan also released a statement citing the amount of taxes New York residents already pay.

“If you needed any more evidence that one-party Democrat rule in Albany is a recipe for billions of dollars in new and burdensome taxes, Governor Cuomo reinforced it recently when he announced that the state will require millions of drivers to buy new license plates starting next year. 

This is a regurgitation of the same, uninspired idea that Governor David Paterson proposed a decade ago, one that failed thanks to strong opposition from County Clerks and Republicans in the state Legislature. It’s also the latest example of Albany’s nickel-and-diming of hardworking middle-class taxpayers. 
Add this to the $4.6 Billion in taxes and fees imposed in this year’s budget by the Governor and the all-Democrat Legislature, and it all adds up to a death by a thousand cuts. New taxes on internet purchases and grocery bags. A new commuter tax. The elimination of the much-needed property tax rebate checks. And, now $25-$45 a pop for every vehicle New York families put on the road. 

Enough is enough. It’s time to stop spending other people’s money so we can give New Yorkers the tax relief they need and deserve.”


Gov. Andrew Cuomo said new license plates for New York drivers are required so EZ-Pass can read them, and not a money grab.

The new plates, designs for which were unveiled Monday, are a necessity according to the governor, who said, “I don’t want to buy new plates either.”

“But, it’s 10 years, you need a plate that works with EZ-Pass,” said Cuomo, D-New York. “If it doesn’t work with EZPass, then we have a real – talk about a money grab, we have the opposite problem. We’re going to have a real fiscal issue because we’re going to have a deficit when it comes to toll collection.”

According to the press release announcing the new plates, more than 3 million vehicles in New York State currently have plates that are 10 years and older, with many damaged, oxidized, and peeling, making it difficult to read the license plate number.

“The good news is, EZ-Pass saves time, EZ-Pass saves money, so this is saving consumers in the long-term. It’s not costing, it’s saving,” Cuomo said.

” If you had the the old system, you had people in toll booths, and you were 
paying those salaries, and you were waiting in line, to pay that toll,
burning gasoline. That’s what costs money. This is a cost-saver.”

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