New York State Police are calling it a growing threat to your safety on the road.

They are catching drivers every week with fake car inspection stickers. They’re asking you to be On The Lookout for the counterfeiters.

“First thing we’re going to look at is the left, then you’ll notice the inspection sticker is obviously full color,” said Trooper Jack Keller.

Fake ones tend to fade. The imitations come complete with bar coding and serial numbers that simulate the real thing. However, a closer inspection will reveal flaws.

“It should only be eight digits, it’s under the bar code where you’ll see nine or more and you don’t see the first four digits continue,” Keller said.

State Police often hear the excuse that the driver didn’t have money to get the car fixed, but those drivers may not realize what it could end up costing them.

“You’re looking at a possible felony charge, so someone who is looking at a great career all of a sudden they can get pulled over. Not only are they going to get a ticket, but they can be charged with a felony or possible misdemeanor.”

State Police are now trying to track down the source of the counterfeit stickers.

“These stickers may be coming overseas, we’re hearing from the Dominican Republic, or may be connected to illegal drugs and may be bigger than New York State,” Keller said.

12 million vehicles are registered in New York State and the growing number of fake inspection stickers is fueling new concern of keeping unsafe cars on the road.

State Police is asking that anyone with information about the sales of counterfeit inspection stickers to give them a call at 366-6000.