If you’re on Medicaid and cannot afford transportation to your medical appointments, a local organization has a solution.

Turning Point, a service priority for Catholic Charities of Steuben, is providing unlimited bus tokens. 

It was made possible due to a partnership between Medical Answering Service (MAS), a Medicaid-funded program out of Syracuse, and Turning Point.

“All they do is come in, and they let our front desk staff know that they would like bus tokens for a medical appointment and that they have Medicaid,” Turning Point Assistant Director Tess McKinley said. “We check their status of Medicaid, and then we give them the tokens.”

It’s really that easy.

The four locations for pick-up are:
– Steuben County Rural Ministry in Canisteo.
– Turning Point in Hornell
– Turning Point in Corning (mobile site located inside Senior Citizens Center)
– Turning Point in Bath

If you’re unable to travel to any of the sites, you can get in touch with MAS at (855) 733-9401 and bus tokens will be mailed to your home.

Most counties have one type of transportation service, but Steuben County has multiple and Turning Point has tokens for all of them. In addition, it provides bus schedules. Staff sit with individuals to help figure out the best bus route to their appointments.

This new service was made available six weeks ago and already, over 100 tokens have been distributed.

The organization says this is especially beneficial if an individual is faced with an eviction or shut-off notice because it’s easy to forget about your health.

“They’re not going to be thinking about going to the doctor,” McKinley said. “They’re going to be thinking about that emergency, so we’re helping people as a whole to make sure that they can take care of themselves so that they can focus on those things like going to the doctor as a community care center. That’s what we do.”

If you live outside the county, you are still eligible. You just cannot pick up tokens at the Steuben Turning Point sites. Calling MAS at (855) 733-9401 on how to retrieve yours.

This service was made possible as a result of the Institute for Human Services establishing a relationship between Turning Point and MAS.