Penn State rolls in non-conference finale


STATE COLLEGE — Penn State takes on Kent State at noon, 9/15/2018. Stay with WTAJ on the web and @WTAJ on Twitter for score updates.

1st Quarter —

12:59 PSU at the Kent state 40 yard line

12: 51 Trace McSorley makes a 40 yard pass for a touchdown to DeAndre Thompkins, PSU – 7 Kent State, 0

10:56 PSU penalty #54 Robert Windsor, 1st and 10 at the 50 yard line.

10:50 PSU tackle, 2 yards on the carry for Kent state now on the 48 yard line

10:26 TIME OUT Kent State, first time out of the half.

Woody Barrett carries the ball 11 yards, 1st and 10 on the Lions 37

9:43  Barrett throws a 47 yard touchdown, Kent States ties it up 7-7           

Kent State kicks onside kick and they recover it, call under review, ruling stands

8:09 DeAndre Thompkins returns kick, 18 yards 1st and 10 for PSU on their 25 yard line

7:41 Miles Sanders carries the ball 10 yards, Lions are on the 43 yard line

Miles Sanders carries the ball again for 7 yards, 3rd and 3, PSU on the 50 yard line

1st down, PSU, on Kent States 44 yard line

5:54 McSorely runs for 18 yards, runs out of bounds on the Kent State 26 yard line, 1st and 10

Penalty on Kent State, Lions now on the 13 yard line

McSorley runs for 1 yard, gets the touchdown for PSU

5:07 PSU leads  14-7

4:09 Kent State punts out of bounds at the 31 yard line for a 12 yard punt, 1st and 10 PSU, at Kent State 31 yard line

2:10 PSU on the 4 yard line, flag on the play Kent State offside, Lions now on the 2 yard line

1:09 McSorley runs it again for another PSU touchdown, PSU leads with 1:09 left in the 1st quarter, 21-7.

McSorley sets a new school record, 23 rushing touchdowns, more than any other QB in PSU history!

2nd Quarter —

14:05 Barrett sacked, made by #42 Ellison Jordan

13:44 DeAndre Thompkins returns the ball to the Kent State 49 yard line, a return of 32 yards

12:01 McSorley runs the ball for 4 yards, 2nd and 6, on Kent States 23 yard line

10:44 McSorley completed to Juwan Johnson who runs it into the endzone, flag on the play, PSU penalty offensive pass interference, 15 yard penalty. McSorley then throws incomplete pass. PSU punts.

9:10 15 yard penalty on Kent State, unsportsmanlike conduct

8:16, Kent State punts out of bounds at the PSU 35 yard line

Kent State with the ball now with 6:16 left in the 2nd quarter, they’re on their 43 yard line

Woody Barrett runs for 6 yards, Kent State now at PSU 42 yard line

4:37 Barrett makes incomplete pass, Kent State now 3rd and 6, at Lions 31 yard line

Barrett sacked on the play Yetur Gross – Matos, loss of 6 yards,

3:55 left in the 2nd quarter TIME OUT PSU, Kent State punts, fair catch made by Thompkins, 1st and 10 on the Lions 12 yard line

2:37 McSorley sacked,

McSorley’s pass intercepted, with 1:04 left in the 2nd quarter, Kent State is on Lions 15 yard line

55 seconds left, PSU penalty, Kent State on the Lions 5yard line

48 seconds left Yetur Gross – Matos makes a stop, TIME OUT Kent State

Kent STate on lions 7 yard line, Barrett incomplete pass, Kent State makes attempt for 24 yard field goal attempt.

Kent State’s kick is good, PSU 21 Kent State 10

35 seconds left, Kent State kicks out of bounds, Kent State Kicks again, KJ Hamler returns it to the Kent State 43 yard line, a 52 yard kickoff return.

25 seconds, McSorley complete to Thompkins who runs out of bounds at Kent  State 35 yard line

McSorley completes pass to KJ Hamler for a 22 yard reception, PSU now on 13 yard line

9 seconds left, Kent State TIME OUT

PSU on 13 yard line, McSorley runs it again for 13 yards, PSU touchdown. They lead at the half, 28-10.


10:05 RB Mark Allen 7-yard TD run

Penn State leads 35-10

7:42 RB Ricky Slade 2-yard TD run

Penn State leads 42-10

2:37 McSorley throws a 41-yard TD to Brandon Polk

Penn State leads 49-10


6:55 Sean Clifford throws a 95-yard TD to Daniel George

Penn State leads 56-10

1:09 Johnathan Thomas 15-yard TD run

Penn State leads 63-10

Penn State defeats Kent State 63-10

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