COLUMBIA TWP, Pa. (WETM) – A woman has been arrested when she was found unconscious in a running car in the middle of the road with a child in the backseat.

Pennsylvania State Police responded to a report of a woman passed out in a car in the intersection of Coryland Road and Virtus Hollow Road in the evening on November 14, 2021.

The trooper said that Michelle Brown, 38, was slumped over the steering wheel with the car in drive, but the brake lights were on, and the car wasn’t moving.

As the trooper approached the car, it started moving slowly, and the trooper then saw the child in the backseat.

The child’s father came to the scene and said that he had been looking for Brown for five hours.

After asking Brown to stop the car and step out, the trooper determined she was driving under the influence and arrested her for Endangering the Welfare of Children (a third-degree felony), Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol/Controlled Substances, and Not Using Flashing Signal.