(WJET/WFXP/YourErie.com) — Erie County Councilman Andre Horton has announced his candidacy for Pennsylvania State Representative.

Community members gathered at the Blasco Library in Erie Tuesday for Erie County Councilman Horton’s announcement. This means he will challenge incumbent State Representative Pat Harkins for the Democratic nomination.

Councilman Horton says if elected to state government he will continue to represent Erie residents. Horton says he is committed to equal education opportunities, which he says means Pennsylvania schools must be funded properly.

Horton says he will represent District 1, and his experience in county government has helped him understand the needs of Pennsylvania residents.

“I think that we just need tried and proven leadership. We need vocal leadership. I represent that leadership. I believe that I can do a better job, and I believe the citizens will be receptive to me,” said Andre Horton, Erie County Councilman.

The primary election will be held May 17, 2022.