WELLSBORO, Pa. (WETM) – The Gmeiner Art & Cultural Center in Wellsboro has welcomed a new piece to their permanent collection that now serves as their “metal mascot”.

After the art center found great success with the sculpture “Metal Metamorphic” during their April exhibit, local art lovers pooled their resources to purchase it and make it a permanent piece of the Art & Cultural Center.

“People were taking pictures of their kids with the spider, then going into the exhibit with them, then finding out about all the programs the Gmeiner has for people of all ages. So, we thought, let’s make this permanent.” said Karen Meyers, one of the individuals that assisted in obtaining the piece.

Gmeiner Director Carrie Health welcomes the new addition, saying that she will launch a “Name the Spider” contest this month for children to participate in.

“Children are invited to come and give their suggestions for names on our ‘Idea Web.’ At the end of the month, all the name ideas will be considered and the winner will be selected. So if you think you have a creative, ingenious name for our new metallic friend, please let us know!” said Health.

She notes that the Gmeiner will be open from 12 p.m. until 6 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 5, through Sunday, Aug. 27, for the August exhibits. They are closed on Mondays and admission to the gallery is always free.

“Metal Metamorphic” was a piece from the Gmeiner’s April exhibit of metal artwork by sculptor Mark English of Westfield, Pennsylvania. The spider now resides in the front flowerbed, the spot she occupied during the show.

(Courtesy: Carrie Health) Cartoon version of the spider sculpture, created by Lucianna Minoia.