ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — The Pennsylvania Lottery made off well in 2022, but so did a lot of Pennsylvanians who played in the drawings and scratch-offs.

The year started strong for Pennsylvanians when a Chester County man won $1M at “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest” and became the “Powerball First Millionaire of the Year.

Pennsylvanians ended up claiming more than $2.3 BILLION just from Scratch-Off lottery games over the year. The biggest month was March, claiming $236 million. The lightest was October with $195 million, likely due to people playing for the historic Powerball jackpots.

While the historic Powerball jackpot was won by someone who bought a ticket in California, six tickets worth $1.5 million were sold in Pennsylvania for that very drawing.

Scratch-Off Tickets Claimed in 2022

  • January – $231 million claimed
  • February – $201 million claimed
  • March – $236 million claimed
  • April – $226 million claimed
  • May – $207 million claimed
  • June – $202 million claimed
  • July – $200 million claimed
  • August – $197 million claimed
  • September – $203 million claimed
  • October – $195 million claimed
  • November – $211 million claimed
  • December – This number won’t be released until January 2023

By August, the Pennsylvania Lottery said they already generated over $1 Billion dollars for programs that help older Pennsylvanians, making it the 11th year in a row they broke that number.

Also in August, they had their largest-ever Cash 5 with Quick Hits jackpot that hit a record $2.5 million.

In December, the Pennsylvania Lottery saw the largest-ever Fast Play prize of $2.4 million and it was sold in Philadelphia.

You can learn more about Pennsylvania Lottery revenues helping older Pennsylvanians in your county by clicking here for an interactive map.