Anybody looking to get into the teaching profession should look to the East Coast, specifically Pennsylvania and New York.

According to a study of all 50 states and Washington, D.C. from, Pennsylvania ranked the highest in the country for comparative pay between the average salary of teachers and all other occupations. The wages for primary and secondary school teachers in 2019-20 in the Commonwealth ($70,258) is 30.2 percent higher than all other occupations ($53,950).

The study used data of salaries of primary and secondary school teachers from the National Center for Educational Statistics. They then compared that information to the salary of all occupations for every state from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

New York had the highest average salary for teachers overall ($87,233), but the average salary for all other occupations ($67,850) was also higher, so their comparative pay ranked second place at 29 percent.

Ohio ranked 13th with an average salary of $59,713 and an average working wage of $51,510 for a difference of 15.9 percent. However, the state’s salary has decreased by over 10 percent since 2010.