HARRISBURG, P.a. (WETM) — The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) announced a new license plate that will benefit pollinators on April 6.

The new plate is part of Pennsylvania’s Special Fund Registration Plates series, all of which raise funds for different causes in the state. Sixty-five percent of the proceeds from the new pollinator plates will go to the Pollinator Habitat Program Fund. This is equal to $25 per plate purchased.

“The importance of supporting a healthy pollinator population in Pennsylvania – a state that depends on agriculture as part of its economy – cannot be overstated,” said PennDOT Acting Secretary Mike Carroll. “Developing habitats for this important group of insects contributes to both the environmental and economic health of our Commonwealth, and PennDOT is proud to offer a license plate to help support these important efforts.”

The Pollinator Habitat Program Fund is designed to protect and increase the populations of insects that pollinate plants. According to PennDOT, the fund will do this by creating meadows and gardens that have pollinator-friendly flowering plants.

The new license plate is the standard Pennsylvania plate with an image of a monarch butterfly, green sweat bee, and honeybee on a flower. It’s available for vehicles with a registered weight of fewer than 14,000 pounds. Pennsylvania residents who want the new plate can fill out an MV-911 form and select the “Pollinator Conservation” option.

For more information about the plates, you can visit the Registration Plates page on the PennDOT Driver & Vehicle Services website. If you want to learn more about the Pollinator Habitat Program, you can visit the Pollinator Habitat Plan page on the PennDOT site.