(WHTM) – Pennsylvania taxpayers have spent millions of dollars on the impeachment of Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, according to a Right to Know request filed by abc27.

Krasner, a two-term Democrat, was impeached by House Republicans in November, but in January the Commonwealth Court mostly tossed out the case.

Democrats, who now control the State House, say they are no longer pursuing the impeachment.

However, it’s not “case closed” for Krasner and House Republicans.

Republican State Rep. Craig Williams is heading the prosecution of Krasner and believes the Commonwealth Court got its ruling wrong. He’s appealing what many see as a political sideshow to the State Supreme Court.

“This isn’t a sideshow,” said Williams. “It’s a serious prosecution for somebody who’s committed misconduct while in office.”

The cost for the impeachment is $2.8 million (and counting) in mostly legal fees. If you include Senate expenses, the cost to taxpayers is north of $3 million.

Krasner says he believes taxpayers should be refunded that money.

“So there’s a bill to be paid in dollars, but there is also a bill to be paid in disgraceful authoritarian efforts to undermine our institutions in ways that are completely and despicably un-American,” Krasner told abc27.

Philadelphia State Rep. Jared Solomon (D) is on the House impeachment team and does not support continued prosecution, calling it a waste of time.

Williams disagrees and says he believes Krasner engaged in more than misconduct, saying “what I intend to prove to the Senate is also a crime.”

“I believe most people in the state want us to expend whatever resources are necessary to effectuate prosecution,” said Williams.

The Republican-controlled State Senate would play the role of judge in an impeachment if the State Supreme Court allows the process to continue.