SHAMOKIN DAM, SNYDER COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Security video captured the moments a car smashed into a minivan and launched onto the roof of a Chinese restaurant in Snyder County Friday.

Now police are investigating to determine the cause of the crash and if charges should be filed.

It all occured in the parking lot at the Golden Chopsticks restaurant along Route 15. The driver hit a parked minivan and flipped onto the roof. One of the victims who was inside the minvan miraculously made it out okay, but says the whole incident still has her in shock.

“I started screaming, yelling, crying I was hysterical,” stressed Christine Haught, victim.

Last week, Christine Haught was sitting in the driver side of her minivan with her husband in the passenger seat at Golden Chopsticks in Shamokin Dam. That’s when the driver, Theresa Rizzo, hit them and flew onto the roof.

I just assumed that it was a bomb that had gone off because I didn’t realize that her car was on the roof,” Haught explained.

Christine Haught made it out the burning vehicle okay, but her husband suffered multiple injuries.

“My husband is in the hospital right now. He sustained a broken back, broken ribs, he has a fractured shoulder and he had blood in his brain,” explained Haught.

He is being treated at Geisinger Medical Center and is expected to make a full recovery.

There was also a baby inside the vehicle on the roof. April Campbell, who works at Service 1st, next door, helped put out the fire.

“A lady from the bank, she came over with a fire extinguisher and put it out. She told me to go into the building and yell and tell everybody to get out and call 9/11,” Haught described.

Christine Haught decided to come back to the accident site and says it’s a miracle no one died and thanks everyone who helped them to safety.

“Her name is April, I want you to thank her when you go into the bank over here. Tell her that she’s my guardian angel because if it wasn’t for her putting out that fire my car could’ve exploded,” said Haught.

Shamokin Dam Police told Eyewitness News, the driver, Theresa Risso, had high levels of alcohol in her system which may have caused the crash.

We’re also told no charges have been filed and the investigation is ongoing. Anyone between Shamokin Dam and Williamsport with surveillance video of the accident is asked to contact police.