HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — After a rough election for Republicans in Pennsylvania, some members of the party want to direct the blame. But the state party chairman says he understands the message, understands the problem, and will correct it.

Democrats won the seats for governor, U.S. Senate, and the state House in Pennsylvania on Election Day.

“It was not the day we were hoping for,” said Lawrence Tabas, chairman of the Pennsylvania Republican Party.

Some people are blaming Tabas for the GOP losses, calling the Republican party “rudderless,” and ill-equipped to win elections.

Tabas, however, disagrees. “We raised and spent over $10 million dollars in this election. You’re just hearing the gripes and complaints of those who like to point fingers, bur we’re doing quite well,” Tabas said.

Lowman Henry, who acted as the state Republican political director in the 1980s and 90s, says the party that controls the governor’s office has the might, muscle, and money to organize better.

“I don’t think the party is rudderless. I think what we are in is a situation where we don’t have as many oars to row with as what we have if we had the governor’s office and or the white house,” Henry said.

Some Republicans are calling for a new chairman, but Henry is not.

“Anytime you win everyone else gets the credit. When your party loses you get the blame, this is not a failure of one person,” Henry added. “It was a systemic failure across the board by he republican party generally and our candidates.”

There are signs Republican disrepair as well. The Pennsylvanian Democrat website was updated this week. The Republican website has not been updated since June of 2021, despite a busy election season.

Tabas is promising to resolve the issues promptly.

“We are going to be a force in this state and continue to be one. I’m very optimistic about that,” Tabas said.

For Republicans, looking forward is less painful than looking back.

“Now is the time to put recriminations aside and unite and get out and win the races that are ahead of us,” Henry said.