KINGSTON, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)- Cars lining up for cheap gas, a sight few and far between, until today.  

Some drivers can save on gas this week at Sheetz locations across the region through the holiday weekend.  

But mechanics say it’s important for drivers to be aware the sale is not for every vehicle, all gasoline is not made equal.  

When it comes to a sale at the popular chain Sheetz, you need to know what you’re putting in your tank. 

Eyewitness News dropped by a local mechanic to find out; What is Unleaded 88 and E85?  

“So everyone wants to save prices on fuel it’s so expensive but you can’t put the wrong fuel in your vehicle,” says Tom Tranguch, owner of T&F Tires.  

They’re numbers that haven’t been seen at the pump in quite some time, gas prices under four dollars a gallon.  

But only for a limited time, and only on some types of gasoline at Sheetz.   

Unleaded 88 sits at 3.99 and E85 or Flex Fuel at a low 3.49, for the next week.  

 But before you hop in your car to fill up, you should use caution.  

 Eyewitness News stopped by T&F Tires in Kingston to learn more about what these cheaper options will put in your tank.  

As Tom Tranguch, owner of T&F Tires, explains “E85 is basically alcohol, it’s ethyl alcohol so that alcohol is very corrosive to all your rubber components inside your vehicle fuel pump fuel hoses can cause all kinds of issues for you long term so you might think you’re going to save a few dollars upfront but it’ll cost you a lot more at my shop later”.

Owner Tranguch says most cars compatible with E85 have a yellow gas cap and say flex fuel on the back of the car.  

Unleaded 88, better known as E15, is also on sale.  

It might look close to regular unleaded 87 to drivers, but Tranguch says it’s a newer blend that contains more ethanol.  

“It’s different they’re not talking octane there, they are talking the percentage of ethyl alcohol in the fuel so as you go up there’s less gasoline and more ethyl alcohol,” says Tranguch. 

Sheetz says unleaded 88 is approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency for use in vehicles for model years 2001 or newer, as well as light-duty trucks, SUVs and flexible-fuel vehicles.  

So do your research, before you fill up.  

Drivers should check their owner’s manual to see if their vehicle is able to run with E85.  

The deal is at certain Sheetz locations now through July 4th.