Pennsylvania State Police make school checks part of daily routine


 Pennsylvania State Police have added school safety checks to their daily patrols.

Troopers are now required to visit schools and colleges in their jurisdictions at least once per shift.

“That could be as simple as waiting in the patrol car in the parking lot as the buses load or unload, or even walking inside the school, visiting with administration and students,” said Cpl. Adam Reed, a state police spokesman.

Troopers will visit at different times of the day or night. Reed says the safety checks will also foster a relationship between police and students.

“Those positive relationships go a long way in building that community trust, to reduce crime, and improve that relationship with law enforcement,” he said.

The new policy was a recommendation made by a school safety task force after February’s high school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Reed said the visits won’t have a major impact on day-to-day operations but any reduction in crime and strengthening of community relationships would have a major impact in the future.

“Those two things both go a long way in making Pennsylvania schools safer,” he said.

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