Rep. Jim Jordan on impeachment: When you drain the swamp, the swamp fights back

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MARYSVILLE, Ohio (WCMH) — Congressman Jim Jordan, from Ohio’s 4th District vigorously defended President Trump during the House impeachment hearings. Now, he is one of a half dozen Republican House members who will be defending him during the Senate trial.

Jordan was in his home district today, at the Marysville Honda plant. NBC4’s Colleen Marshall had a chance to ask him some questions about the impeachment process.

“My job is is to get to the facts, to get to the truth, and like I said before, the facts and the truth are all on the President’s side. That’s why he’s gonna win,” said Jordan.

Like other leaders of his party, Jordan wants the Senate and the American people to take the president’s word for that, seeing no need for witnesses or documents at the impeachment trial.

“The American people understand that it’s time to get this over with and never should have happened in the first place,” said Jordan.

“Then why not let them testify to that? Why not present the witnesses and hear from people like Lev Parnas who seem to have unusual access to the President?” asked Colleen Marshall.

“If you’re going to if you’re going to go down that road then I want to hear from the whistle-blower, I want to hear from Hunter Biden. If you’re going to bring in Lev Parnas and John Bolton, and what’s good for the goose is good for the gander as they say,” responded Jordan.

Opening arguments are expected to focus on the prosecutors’ claim that the President obstructed Congress from investigating his alleged abuse of power. The defense claims nothing rises to an impeachable offense.

“They’ll make they’ll be the argument that the process was completely unfair on the house side, which is definitely true. I mean, we were we weren’t allowed to bring in any of the witnesses we want on the house side. There were times during depositions where Adam Schiff actually prevented the witness from answering our questions. I’ve never seen that happen. They got a lawyer there, the lawyer can do that. It’s not supposed to be the chairman of the committee doing that,” said Jordan.

As Honda’s Vice President signed a White House-backed pledge to America’s workers, Jim Jordan claimed jobs and a thriving economy are overshadowed by impeachment.

“They’re going to keep going after this president because when you go to Washington and you drain the swamp, start to drain the swamp, the swamp fights back. And that’s what we’re seeing,” said Jordan.

Rep. Jordan and Colleen Marshall also discussed the investigation into abuse at the hands of Dr. Richard Strauss at Ohio State. Colleen will have more from that part of the discussion on NBC4 at 6.

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