ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) — U.S. Congressman Nick Langworthy (R) of New York’s 23rd District took a visit to the Southern Tier on Thursday to speak on proposed changes to Medicare Advantage by the Biden Administration.

Inside the library of the Elmira City Hall on Thursday, Congressman Langworthy spoke on defending Medicare and Medicare Advantage from any heightened premiums, or reduced benefits.

Langworthy claims that recently, the Biden Administration has set out rule changes for Medicare Advantage that will have a devastating impact on seniors that receives services, such as dental, vision, telehealth, transportation, and numerous other services that fall under the program.

“In New York, the average senior is facing a $657 reduction in benefits for the year 2024,” Langworthy said. “If this goes forward, New York seniors will be paying an estimated 29% higher premium for a far reduced benefit,” he said.

Langworthy said that he is going to demand answers from the Biden Administration and fight against the changes being made to Medicare.

“We are going to keep demanding the answers of the administration in fighting against these changes that will harm our Southern Tier seniors and hit our rural areas of New York the absolute hardest,” Langworthy said.

Langworthy added that he will be leading a letter that will go to the administration saying that they are opposed to reduced benefits or heightened benefits for Medicare Advantage.

Langworthy was in the Southern Tier on a District Work Period where he, and other members of Congress, go to their districts to talk about various issues impacting local communities.