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ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – The Elmira Mayoral Debate was held at the Clemens Center in front of a live audience.

Candidates, Incumbent Mayor, Republican, Daniel Mandell, and Democratic Party challenger, Jim Hassell, participated in the live televised debate on Oct. 4 at 7 p.m. 

This debate was agreed upon by the two candidates after the first one in late May. The debate was being televised on Channel 18 and streamed live on 18 News Anchor Brett Mills moderated the debate. He was joined by 18 News Reporter Nick Dubina and Dr. Stephen Coleman.

Watch the answers to each question below:

Opening Statements:

Why should people vote for you and not your opponent?

What are some of the things the city is doing, or should be doing, to address the nationwide rise in homelessness?

How would you protect children in this community from bullying?

Should cities push back against releasing documents that are clearly public record if a city official wants to block their release?

What do you think is the main reason for violent crime in Elmira, and is enough being done to combat it?

As mayor of Elmira, what difference would your political party make on your role as mayor?

Would you support bringing the guardian angels back to patrol our streets and help fight crime?

In the past year two city council members have been arrested. What are your thoughts on them being able to stay on the council and do you think they should represent the city?

Should police services in Chemung County be consolidated? Yes or no? And why?

Do you believe in term limits for the City of Elmira?

What new initiatives will you introduce to help seniors?

Whether it’s splash pads, swimming pools, parking meters, or the downtown parking garage, Elmira seems at times to be the city of fiascos. What can be done to remedy this situation?

Why should a person of sound mind relocate to Elmira?

Tenants who live in Elmira properties say their rents are too high and that many landlords don’t care about maintaining their properties. Do you agree or disagree with this, and if you agree what will you do about it?

The city paved some of its busiest streets, but some streets such as water and church from I-86 to downtown are still in bad shape. Is there anything the City of Elmira can do to get ahead of its street paving needs?

If one buys a home in Elmira one finds that school and property taxes are higher than a lot of other places around the state. Why is this, and can anything be done to give homeowners a tax break?

Can you discuss the conditions of the sidewalks in many of the neighborhoods in Elmira?

The new gun laws that were passed and signed by the governor about background checks for the purchase of a gun and ammunition have gotten the attention of the Supreme Court, which is set to meet on Oct. 6 about those laws. Do you agree with the laws passed? And if the Supreme Court rules them unconstitutional, what would be your reaction?

How do you rate the performance of City Manager Mike Collins? Should he stay on, or should he be asked to leave?

The City of Elmira wants to invest nearly three million dollars into the Centertown Parking Garage. Just in the month of August, police were called there 13 times. The garage was cleaned up before a LECOM ceremony at the Clemens Center, but not much else has been done. Should people who use the garage be able to expect a safe and clean environment at all times, not just when an influential city business wants to use it?

The elevators at the parking garage have been broken for months. Is this not an ADA issue that the city must address before it has to pay large fines for violations?

Should sticker shops be able to continue to operate in Elmira? It appears at least one still is even after last week’s state raid on two of them and the owner’s home.

The opioid crisis continues to be a top story in our newscasts, what would you do to prevent the City of Elmira from seeing an increase in opioid deaths?

How big of a problem is no cash bail?

Many citizens in Elmira are afraid to walk the streets after dark. Are you? And would you want your wife walking the streets alone late at night?

Mr. Hassell, can you clarify your opinion of Mike Collins. If elected, who would you select to be city manager?

When First Arena opened in 2000, it was touted as the economic engine that would drive the revitalization of Downtown Elmira. Why has the arena not lived up to expectations and what can be done to make it a success?

If you’re elected in November, what will you do as mayor that is new and innovative and not business as usual?