orning, N.Y. (WETM) – Saturday, June 25, 2022, marked the 26th annual American pride ride at the Corning building parking lot.

“It’s an annual tradition here in the Twin Twins to bring a bunch of the biker friends and family together to raise money and toys for the Children’s Miracle Network, the Salvation Army, and the American Red Cross. We also benefit the Vietnam Veterans war museum and then the bath VA volunteer group out at the VA hospital,” said Bruice Sermonis, Organizer, Pride Ride 2022.

Sermonis shared that riders enjoy riding the bike trail together for a charitable function.

“It’s just a parade-style ride where we cruise through the Twin Tiers together as one big group. We ride about two miles long,” said Sermonis.

Arnot Health’s Development Specialist Lauren Little noted that she enjoys the engagement and relationships that are developed through this pride ride fundraising event.

“It’s a Wonderful thing, the same writers come back they start recognizing you they start picking on you joking with you it’s just nice to kind of have that camaraderie and you can pick back,” said Little.

The bikers are thrilled when they see residents along their route rooting them on.

“The bikers honestly love watching people on the side of the road as we go by waving and waving flags having a good time there are signs out there people hold up,” said Sermonis.

The organizers of the pride ride say they weren’t sure how the event would pan out but they are happy with the amount motorcyclist that took part this year.

“We weren’t sure how things were gonna go because of COVID but I think it was a great outcome I think it was around 302 bikes and you know that’s great,” said Little.

Little mentioned that their focus is to give back to the community. While they don’t really have a monetary goal, it’s more about what the community is willing to give to support local organizations each year.