ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – Public art season is officially underway in Elmira. Artist Filomena Jack has started working on the first new mural of the year. It’s located on the southern end of The Promenade, on East Water Street and Carl Proper Drive.

“We’re calling it read, write, listen,” said Filomena Jack. “It is big, abstract, lots of soft shapes. Then I’m going to stencil in the words read, write and listen. The idea is that people can come and do spoken word poetry readings. I work with the teens at the library, and we’re trying to get them to be encouraged to come out and do some public speaking.”

“I also like to design things that will make people want to stop and take a selfie. We’re so close to the highway. So, they could look up murals near me when they’re getting gas and come here to take a selfie. We’re so close to the Clemens Center that people can have a great night out at the theater and come and take a picture with all their pretty clothes on in front of a mural,” said Jack.

“I’m so excited to be here 10 years later, working on another mural project,” said Chemung County Legislator Brent Stermer. “10 years ago, we worked with GST BOCES to help bring back the birth of public art in Elmira. My friends and I, and Lynne Rusinko, we started Community Arts of Elmira and then Elmira Infinite Canvas, and we worked on this first mural 10 years ago. It was the literacy zone murals with BOCES students and now we’re working with Filomena Jack.”

Community Arts of Elmira is also getting ready for its annual Mural Fest. It will be held on Railroad Avenue on Saturday June 3th.

“It’s free and open to the public. Lots of things are going to be happening,” said Filomena Jack. “Myself between seven and ten other artists I believe, we’re going to be painting Railroad Avenue not far from the fire station, beautiful bright murals all depicting something to do with our area.”

“The streets will be closed off,” said Stermer. “We’re going to have some pop up things, we’re hoping 607 Dance will come and do a performance. We’re gonna have some food trucks, and we’re going to have things for students. Then we’re going to have a version of the handmade market, which will occur in the grass space. So it’s gonna be a nice fun festival day.”

Community Arts of Elmira also has a map of every mural in the city with links to google map locations.