QUEENSBURY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A Queensbury High School Senior on the spectrum achieved his childhood dream with a new job at the Great Escape.

Saturday, May 20, will mark Daniel Mulligan’s first day on the job in the Park Services Department at his favorite amusement park. Daniel said he’s excited to get paid, show off his name badge, and “get free soda.”

However, one job perk stands above the rest for him—the chance to wear the Great Escape signature uniform with a bright blue polo.

“Every summer, we got season passes, and he always loved it there, and he always said I’m gonna work here someday,” Tammie Mulligan, Daniel’s mother, said.

Daniel got the call from Great Escape that he would join the team after a job fair at Queensbury High School opened the door.

“It makes me, as a mom, feel like it’s okay to send him out into the world,” Tammie said. “And I thought you know what, the autism doesn’t define him.”

Tammie said they picked up his uniform two weeks ago, and he hasn’t taken it off since. 

“Oh yes, and he even sleeps in the shirt,” Tammie said. “He’s very proud of it. When he got it, he said, come on, Mom, we have to go to Martha’s and celebrate.”

Tammie said she’s impressed by the hiring process through the Great Escape and is pleased the company understood that Daniel is capable and has excellent qualities to offer as an employee.

“It just might come and look a little different to him than it does of others, but he can get the job done,” Tammie said.