New York (WSYR-TV) — Governor Hochul gave her State of the State address earlier today, discussing her plan to fight homelessness.

Hochul’s plan includes creating teams of mental health professionals and social workers, who will partner with New York City outreach workers, to reach homeless individuals and move them into shelters and housing.

“Beyond those sleeping on the streets, tens of thousands more people move in and out of shelters as they try to secure a place to call home and, tragically, many of them are children,” says Hochul.

The Governor is also launching a new, five-year housing plan to create and preserve 100,000 affordable homes, including 10,000 units with supportive services for high-risk populations, like runaway youth and formerly incarcerated individuals.

The Governor discussed the many reasons for homelessness, including unmet mental health needs, like poverty, addiction, and housing insecurity.

“We can no longer ignore the plight of NYCHA residents living in sometimes deplorable conditions. The Lieutenant Governor and I will work with the City of New York and the Legislature on concrete action this session. We’ll also fix outdated land-use laws that hold back housing supply.” says Governor Hochul.

Part of the housing plan includes encouraging transit-oriented development and the conversion of hotels and offices to housing.