HOLLIDAYSBURG, Pa. (WTAJ) — A Hollidaysburg man is being charged after police responded to a house fire and found the man in the driveway, listening to music as his house went up in flames.

Marion Dean Patterson IV, 37, is facing charges after investigators say he put a golf bag on his stove and lit the burners to burn the home to the ground. When arriving at the scene Dec. 3, they say they found Patterson in the driveway of the home with his car doors open and music blaring while flames were shooting up from the roof of the house. Patterson was reportedly found wearing two bathrobes, golf shoes, fingerless gloves on one hand and had a golf club in the other hand.


When taking Patterson to their patrol car and trying to question him, he stated he might have used the stove and he might have used the burner and left it on and he would have to think about it. Then in reference to his burning home, told police “Beautiful though, ain’t it.”

During the investigation, police were able to conclude that Patterson took one of his many golf bags and placed it upside down over a burner on the center of the stove and turned the flame on. The Fire Marshal even noted that his fire alarm system cable was cut and also manually disconnected from the backup battery.

Police also noted they found a bathtub overflowing with water. The Hollidaysburg Water Authority reported that they actually had to turn the water off to the home due to seeing a massive sudden spike in water usage. According to the complaint, police don’t believe the tub of water was meant for any kind of fire suppression at the time.

Patterson was taken into custody and placed in Blair County Prison. Bail was denied and a preliminary hearing is scheduled for Jan. 11.