Boost Team Trading looking to bring awareness, opportunity to cryptocurrency

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ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – From high school dropout to self-made millionaire.

Two Upstate New Yorkers say they are using their knowledge of cryptocurrencies to network and help change lives.

Pasquale Diamond Celi, owner of Boost Team Trading says, “I went the wrong way I started partying a lot I was drinking, You know, I quit high school basically I stopped going”

Now Celi has created a new life through his phone and brining friends along for the ride.

“Well at least for Zach his life changed a month ago” says Celi.

Including Boost Team Trading Co-owner Zach Sweet who just a month ago left his job of 10 years.

Sweet says, “seeing what life is really like out here and knowing that like you see all this stuff in movies and television shows, but that when you are actually there and putting it into perspective, it really opened my eyes”.

Now the two say that they are trying to open the eyes of hundreds across the country through an alternative to our monetary system called cryptocurrency.

Celi says, “there’s huge gains to happen with cryptocurrency because we’re so early into it”.

What exactly is cryptocurrency? Jack Dann an admin for Boost Team Trading has been studying digital currency and says, “they are a hedge against inflation. There are 1000’s of these coins and 99% of them won’t be around in 5 years”.

For example Dann says, “If you put a dollar bill under your mattress 100 years ago, sure it is still worth a dollar but the value of the dollar has decreased while Bitcoin for example the price continues to soar”.

Advocates say, unlike regular currency, Bitcoin is not issued by a government and transactions don’t involve banks.

Greg McBride of telling NBC News in an interview, “those transactions are recorded in a digital ledger known as the blockchain. There’s a much higher level of security; it’s not hackable in that sense”.

But, experts still have concerns because unlike stocks and real estate “there is no intrinsic value behind Bitcoin” says Cristiano Bellavitis.

Networking platform, Boost Team Trading is now building a community to teach both stocks and cryptocurrencies and say they are changing lives along the way.

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