Buffalo popcorn maker comes out with CBD-infused snack

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A new kind of snack is now being made in Buffalo: CBD popcorn. 

When you walk into the Broadway Market, one of the first vendors you’ll see is That Popcorn Shack, which has been making popcorn in Buffalo for the past six years. That Popcorn Shack has about 20 interesting flavors of the popular snack, including their best-selling dill pickle flavored popcorn. 

Most recently, they introduced four flavors of CBD popcorn. 

“We’re always looking to kind of expand on our product line and be innovative,” That Popcorn Shack Owner, Scott Hirsch said. 

Each 3.25 oz container has 115 MG of CBD per container, and Hirsch said he gets the CBD from two local vendors. 

“It doesn’t have any of the THC or any of the parts of the plant that gets you high,” he said. 

He said the traditional flavors taste the same as the CBD ones. The newest popcorn was just released last week, and Hirsch said they’ve had some really positive feedback so far. 

“A lot of people that come, that are purchasing, are already really educated in it (CBD),” he said. 

He does suggest talking to an expert or a doctor before you eat it, and a clinical associate professor of pharmacy practice at UB suggests the same. 

“Starting with your own healthcare provider is an excellent place to start with that,” Edward Bednarczyk said. 

Bednarczyk said the only FDA-approved drug involving CBD is for the treatment of kids with severe seizure disorders. He said beyond that, CBD is unregulated. 

“The main problem that people are going to be up against, is not data that says it doesn’t work, or data that says it works, but they’re going to find a big nothing,” he said. 

Although some anecdotes relay CBD has helped people with anxiety, sleep disorders, and pain, Bednarczyk said there are no FDA-approved studies that say CBD does or does not affect you in a certain way. He did say if you’re taking other medications, you really should consult a doctor before taking anything with CBD. 

“It has been shown to slow the metabolism, the elimination of certain drugs by the liver, and so if anyone is going to start using CBD regularly, they need to let their healthcare providers know, their doctors, their pharmacists know that they’re using CBD, they’re ingesting it.”

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