ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — A “cowboy” with a fake gun on his leg led to an evacuation of a Walmart in Seneca Falls on Monday.

According to the Seneca Falls Police Department, a person went to a local event dressed as a cowboy from the Old West. Part of their costume involved a fake gun being strapped to their leg.

The fake gun was seen inside the Walmart, which led to law enforcement being called and the customers evacuating from the building. After an investigation of the store and speaking with the cowboy, police confirmed that it was fake.

Once the situation was resolved, the store’s operations continued as normal, with management thanking customers for their understanding during the incident.

Despite there being no threat, police are asking the public to be mindful that the sight of a gun, replica or not, can cause alarm — even if the gun is part of a costume.