WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI/WETM) — Gas prices are up again across New York State as oil prices continue to sit above $100.

This was confirmed in a weekly gas report from AAA Western and Central New York on Monday, May 2. At the time of the report, the national average price for a gallon of gas was $4.19, which was seven cents higher than the previous update on April 25.

Similar to previous weeks, the average price in New York was higher than the national average as it rose 12 cents in one week and hit $4.35 on May 2. And prices in the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania are even higher, reaching above $4.40 in some counties.

Across New York, local average also increased. Elmira saw one of the highest jumps of six cents and the average price for a gallon of gas was $4.29. More rates across the region are listed below:

  • Batavia: $4.24, up 3 cents from last week
  • Buffalo: $4.23, up 2 cents from last week
  • Elmira: $4.29, up 8 cents from last week
  • Ithaca: $4.28, up 7 cents from last week
  • Rochester: $4.31, up 3 cents from last week
  • Rome: $4.32, up 7 cents from last week
  • Syracuse: $4.29, up 5 cents from last week
  • Watertown: $4.31, up 6 cents from last week
  • Chemung County: $4.29
  • Steuben County: $4.28
  • Schuyler County: $4.33
  • Tioga County, Pa.: $4.38
  • Bradford County: $4.41

According to AAA, gas prices increased due to a slight drop in demand, increased oil prices and a limited gasoline supply. AAA said that prices will likely face upward pressure as oil prices remain above $100 per barrel.

Motorists are urged to conserve fuel during this time. To do this, AAA recommends avoiding peak traffic times, combining errands into one trip, using cruise control and making sure tire pressure is at the vehicle’s recommended level.