The three leading candidates for Attorney General are making history here in New York.

“At the end of the day the next attorney general will be someone wearing high heels,” Letitia James, Democratic Attorney General Candidate, said.

And the first woman to hold that office is recent. Barbara Underwood just took on the role after Eric Schneiderman’s resignation and is the first woman to become Attorney General in New York.

James is determined not to make her the last. She won the Democratic Party’s endorsement last week and garnered around 85 percent of member votes.

“I am so proud to accept this designation for attorney general and drive this vehicle for change,” James said.

The other leading candidate on the Democratic side is Leecia Eve. Her father was an Assemblyman from Buffalo, and she was able to pick up around nine percent of member votes.

“I am best prepared to deal with the challenges ahead, we need someone that understands Washington,” Leecia Eve, Attorney General Candidate, said.

Eve was a former aide to Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and Governor Cuomo, but did not receive an endorsement from any of them. Eve will need to gather 15,000 Democratic signatures in a petition to challenge James in a primary, which she seems confident she will.

“I have a lot of support still in this room and then I’m going to start the petition process to get on the ballot September 13th. So I will see you on the campaign trail.”

The candidate that won the endorsement of the Republican party is Keith Wofford, a Buffalo native. Even though he joined the race a little later, he has the support of the GOP gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro.

“We need an attorney general who knows the difference between a good lawsuit and a lousy one,” Keith Wofford, GOP Attorney General Candidate, said.

Wofford promised to re-examine some of the state’s cases against the federal government and addressed immigration by suggesting he would look to combat sanctuary cities.

“Washington’s failure to address these issues over decades has resulted in the state’s across the country to create their own set of immigration laws, that cannot work.”

What’s interesting is all three of these candidates are African American. An African American has never held the attorney general spot in New York. With these three leading the way, regardless of who wins, history is sure to be made.