How to Prepare for a Disaster in Under an Hour

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What can you do in an hour? Cook a meal? Wash a load of laundry? What about learning what do in the event of an emergency? Believe it or not, that’s all it takes to complete New York State Citizen Preparedness Corps Training Program. 

“Yeah 45 minutes and to save lives that’s not a lot of time out of anyone’s day,” Technical Sergeant Adam Winters said.

“It teaches basic fundamentals for every civilian in New York State on how to be better prepared in the event of a natural, man-made or technological disaster that New York State can face,” Winters said.

Officials recommend everyone takes the training course.

“We’ve seen numerous people especially my teammate and I throughout our years in the service, we’ve seen the difference of the people who are prepared and the people who are not,” Winters said.

So what can you do at home right now to better prepare you and your family for an emergency? The answer is simpler than you think.

“Believe it or not one of the most important things that actually that many people don’t think of is water,” Winters said.

“Water was a very scarce necessity down in Long Island and New York City for when those relieve efforts were occurring,” he said.

Some participants even traveled from Ithaca to attend the program at Ernie Davis Academy.

“I was just commenting that we didn’t see one listed on the many opportunities to take this there wasn’t one in Thompkins County that I saw,” Ithaca resident Nancy Cusumano said.

Regardless of background or previous experience, everyone can learn something from the program.

“Having been in the Navy and having been in fire departments I know how being prepared is very important, but a lot of times you don’t know what materials you may need to be prepared,” Steven Sturdevant said.
“When you get to be able to talk and ask questions from professionals that’s when you get your information that you really need,” Sturdevant said.

For a list of upcoming training events visit If you don’t see any sessions in your area you can request a course in your area here.

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