WATERLOO, N.Y. (WETM) — If you’re someone who’s into hunting and is in need of a new tree stand, the Forest Service Department has an upcoming auction you might want to check out.

Dozens of tree stands that were left in the Finger Lakes National Forest were impounded, and will now be up for auction this Friday.

The impounded tree stands were taken out of the forest during the summer after they were left from the previous hunting season. The stands were tagged with a warning letter before being impounded, giving the owner proper notice, 90 days, that it would be taken and put up for auction if not claimed.

Tree stands and ground blinds are not allowed inside the Finger Lakes National Forest from Jan. 1 to Sept. 1 of each year.

The report said that over 100 stands were tagged with notices, with many being removed by their owners.

“I want to give a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who saw the tags and removed their stands,” said Jodie Vanselow, District Ranger for Forest Services, “We were starting to see more and more stands accumulating in the forest,” she said, “it means a lot to see our faithful users step up to address the issue,” she said.

This year’s auction will be held at the JMartin Auction House in Waterloo on Friday, Sept. 29, and Saturday, Sept. 30.

The Friday auction will be held online with sign-up required before bidding with that auction starting shortly after 4 p.m. Saturday’s auction will be held in person and will have a start time of 8 a.m.