JOHNSON CITY, NY – (WIVT/WBGH) – The middle school principal accused of sex crimes against a student was granted bail in Broome County court today.

Daniel Erickson, 55, of Greene appeared before Judge Joe Cawley in court this morning. Cawley set bail at $5,000 and ordered Erickson to wear an ankle monitor. He was also ordered to home confinement.

Prosecutors announced that federal law enforcement is also investigating the case for the possibility of additional charges. There is also an order of protection barring him from any contact with the alleged victim.

Erickson spent more than a week attempting to lure a 16-year-old girl to have sex with him. The principal, who originally posed as a younger adult before convincing the girl of his true identity, showed up to a remote location on July 7 where he had agreed to meet the victim for sex. There, he was met with Broome County Sheriff’s detectives instead. Erickson was arrested and charged with Luring a Child and Attempted Rape.

Erickson had allegedly made prior attempts to have sex with the victim but was unsuccessful. The Sheriff’s Office was alerted to the situation last Wednesday and helped to set up the meeting. Broome County Sheriff Fred Akshar says Erickson showed up to with a box of condoms, chicken McNuggets, and a McDonald’s Grimace shake. 

The Johnson City Central School District has placed Erickson on administrative leave. During the suspension, he will not be allowed on school grounds.