Local restaurants claim GrubHub is overcharging customers

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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Some local restaurant owners say their customers are being up charged by certain third-party delivery services and not even realizing it. The Tangy Tomato Pizzeria in Syracuse believes GrubHub is overcharging customers.

Tangy Tomato opened in November 2020. One of the owners, Melanie Austin, said when they opened, they used GrubHub for some of their delivery, but then cancelled. She said over the weekend, she noticed her restaurant was back on the delivery service’s platform.

“They just added us to their platform and drivers started piling in, taking orders,” Austin said.

NewsChannel 9 reached out to GrubHub about this, and they said they “add restaurants to their platform so they can receive more orders and revenue from deliveries.”

They added they make it easy for restaurants to remove themselves, and Tangy Tomato was removed from the platform on March 7.

Austin told NewsChannel 9 she started seeing red GrubHub bags that drivers were carrying into the restaurant to pick up an order over the weekend. She had about 25 deliveries and at least three of them were overcharged.

“We called one of the customers back who called GrubHub directly, we had their information because they were a customer directly to us before, and we called them to confirm it, and I was comfortable enough with this customer, I know this customer, and they were up charged by $13 through GrubHub,” Austin said.

Austin said someone is calling on behalf of GrubHub claiming the customer needs something.

“Somebody is calling on behalf of the customer, they’ll ask for a total, and once we give them a total, they’ll say ‘thank you’ and then they won’t pay for it and they must call the customer back and then up charge the customer and then the driver will pay when the driver comes in,” Austin said.

Exhale Café & Bakeshop in Camillus posted on social media, explaining a similar situation:

GrubHub has confirmed the bakeshop has also been removed from the platform.

A GrubHub spokesperson did send NewsChannel 9 a statement about the issue:

“We appreciate hearing feedback and work hard to make it right when things don’t go as planned. The vast majority of our orders are completed without incident or complaint, and we have a zero-tolerance policy for misconduct. Diners handle payment through the Grubhub platform when they place an order, and it’s against our delivery contract for a driver to ask for payment outside of the Grubhub platform. If we learn that a driver is not following the guidelines outlined in their contract, we investigate the matter and take appropriate action, including often terminating the driver’s contract.” 

NewsChannel 9 asked GrubHub how customers can see if they’ve been overcharged, and how the company handles the complaint:

“Diners will see any additional charges on their final order receipt which can be accessed via email, in the Grubhub app and on the web version of our marketplace. It’s our priority to bring the best experience to everyone who uses Grubhub, and we encourage diners to contact our dedicated customer care department if they encounter any issues or have any questions about their order.”

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