(WETM) – February is the time of year when millions of Americans are in the mood for love, but New York and Pennsylvania seem to be among the most romantic states of all, according to one new analysis.

Bookies.com looked at Google search data for each state over the last six years and ranked which states were most interested in Valentine’s Day. Looking at the 30 days leading up to February 14 each year, the report generated a number from 1-100 based on the search traffic each year for the term “Valentine’s Day”.

While the Empire State and the Commonwealth didn’t rank number one, they were within the top five for the most romantic states. New York ranked fourth, and Pennsylvania ranked fifth, with respective scores of 90 and 87.

This region of the U.S. seemed to be more romantic overall. The top three states were West Virginia, New Jersey and Delaware. West Virginia actually ranked first for each of the six years. However, at the bottom of the list, Oregon, Washington, and Minnesota ranked at the bottom as the least Valentine-enthused states.