(WPIX) – New York will lose a seat in the House of Representatives based on numbers released Monday by the Census Bureau.

The state will have 26 seats in the House. It’s not yet clear which part of New York caused the loss of a seat in the House, but if 89 more people had filled of out the census, the state wouldn’t have lost the congressional seat, according to Kristin Koslap, senior technical expert for 2020 Census Apportionment.

“There were 435 seats. The last seat went to Minnesota and New York was next in line,” Koslap said in a news conference announcing the change. “If you do the algebra equation that determines how many they would have needed, it’s 89 people.”

New York is one of seven states losing a member of congress as a result of the 2020 census. Five states will gain a seat in congress. Texas will gain two.

“It’s part of the standard of the method of equal proportions,” said Koslap. “It all depends on the overall proportion of all the states in the nation, and so, for example, it’s not unusual for there to be a small margin like that.”

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said he was hopeful the seat would not come from New York City.

The 435 seats in the House of Representatives are divided among the states based on population. As growing states get more seats, that means fewer seats for states that lost population.

The state stands to lose out on more than political clout: The census also determines the distribution of $1.5 trillion in federal funding each year.

California, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia also lost seats. Florida, Colorado, Montana, North Carolina and Oregon all gained one seat each while Texas gained two seats.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.