CENTRAL NEW YORK (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – As the weather starts to cool off, people are coming more to the facilities to work out. Rome & Oneida YMCA is now holding an open house week, offering free access to all facilities.

“So we start the open house on Saturday and it is going to run all the way through till Saturday the 22nd. Everybody can come in and use the facility for free that are 16 and older. They would have to bring a photo ID with them. And they can try out all our classes and child included in that. So they are able to use our cardio room and fitness center as well,” said Nikki Smith, membership director of the YMCA.

Since 1972, YMCA in Rome has been an oasis of relaxation for local residents. YMCA really goes beyond a gym that offers exercise facilities to a local center for entertainment and growth.

Seniors enjoy the 55-yard heated indoor swimming pool that usually runs around 82 Fahrenheit. People who are suffering from sore jolts have a great time refreshing their bodies during courses. Children go to before-and-after school programs and summer camps. For people who are lower income and cannot afford membership, there is a scholarship and financial assistance program available to support everyone in living a healthier life.

“I think the YMCA is a place for everybody to come to socialize and they get to know people. And it is like a family. Everybody is so friendly, and you get to know them. I have been here with the YMCA family for 21 years. So I got to see a lot of the kids grow up and now have children of their own. It’s like a hub. It’s a community hub where everybody comes to do things,” she said.