Summer travel tickets might be higher than normal if flying out of the Rochester area

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In a month or so, many of you will hop on a plane and take off on your summer vacation.

But, if you haven’t bought them already, the plane ticket prices might surprise you.

Summer vacations filled with excitement and fun but could also be filled with a bigger ticket price. The recent grounding of the 737 Max airplane has meant fewer flights and one Rochester travel group says less availability could lead to higher than average flight tickets.

“Decline in availability,” said Diane Selento, Rochester Travel Group. “If anything causes the prices to rise, that’s what causes the prices to rise.”

Selento says prices are already on the rise but could fly even higher.

“With the merges of several airlines, we don’t have the inventory we used to have out of Rochester,” she says. “It’s the law of supply and demand. We have the same demand but lower supply.”

Gillian Monell is a frequent flyer. She says the price isn’t the only negative here: Fewer flights make scheduling harder.

“I think airfare is up by the availability of flights is a big thing,” said Monell.

Her advice: Use a travel agent. “Using the travel agency, they have given my options. For instance, on my last flight to fly out of Rochester, it was going to be $500 more than flying out of Philly.”

Most travel agents are free to use and cover not just flights, but lodging and activities. Whatever you do, it’s always best to book early.

The airlines with the greatest price increases will likely be those with the most 737 Max 8’s in their fleets. That includes Southwest and American Airlines.

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