CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. (NEWS10) — To opt-in or opt-out of adult-use marijuana dispensaries — that is the question for New York municipalities as time is almost up. Many places in the Capital Region, including Clifton Park, are deciding if marijuana dispensaries will be welcomed or not in their communities.

The Town of Clifton Park conducted a public hearing on Monday to hear from the public on the retail dispensation of, and/or consumption of, marijuana and cannabis products. Saratoga has opted in for the licensing of adult-use marijuana dispensaries while Lake George has completely opted out.

Residents of Clifton Park found wisdom in both communities’ decisions.

“It’s not the time to be a frontrunner in this kind of thing unless you have to,” said Dave Dittmer.

“Now is a great time for us to actually get rid of the bad stigma about it, and finally, you know, start to make a change,” said Dan Krepelin.  

Dittmer believes bringing the sale of marijuana doesn’t fit the character of his suburban town.

“I think we are pretty fully developed so I’m satisfied with the direction we’re in. So I’m not sure we want to rock the boat just yet,” said Dittmer.

While other residents see the sale of marijuana boosting the economy and bringing in jobs. Communities that opt-in will see a portion of the revenue generated within their borders.

“Especially in an area like Clifton park and that has so many people driving through all the time, I think it can really benefit the town,” said Krepelin.

The Town of Clifton Park has created zoning for medical marijuana dispensaries.

The town did not make a decision on Wednesday. They have until Dec. 31 to opt-out, but municipalities can opt back in at a later date.