(WETM) – February 9 is National Pizza Pie Day, and it’s just days before the Big Game. So it’s only natural that pizza is on the mind of Americans, which of course raises the age-old question: New York or Chicago-style pizza?

Google Trends has been compiling data on which types of pizza Americans are searching for the most for National Pizza Pie Day. Of course, geographically, the country is split on the top two contenders.

Source: Google Trends

One map shows that, in general, northern states have been searching the web for Detroit-style for the last 19 years. Meanwhile, the southern half of the country has generally been searching for New York-style since Google started collecting data in 2004. Of course, the outliers here are the Empire State itself and several surrounding it.

But more recently? Well, New Yorkers may not like this.

Google’s data says that during the first week of February 2023, searches for Chicago-style pizza outnumbered Brooklyn-style. Specifically, the top trending pizza styles are Chigaco, Sicilian, Neapolitan, and Brooklyn (and Heart-shaped pizza is actually at the top of the list since it’s so close to Valentine’s Day).