ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – Sister Arlene Semesky was a sister of mercy for Notre Dame high school for 50 years and she recently passed away in a car crash.

The car crash happened on Sunday morning in North East Township, P.A. Sister Arlene was in the passenger seat of an SUV with three sisters of mercy leaving a lake house in Erie, P.A. They were going back to saint Rita’s in Webster, N.Y. the home of Sister Arlene and 2 of the Nuns.

Sister Joanne Deck, who was driving the car, drove through an intersection causing the car to get struck by a pick up truck with two young men inside. sister Arlene died at the scene, the two young men were hurt and so were the three other Nuns, one is still in critical condition.

Sister Arlene was known as someone who had a passion for making others better. For those at the school, they say, she never seemed tired of serving others with her many talents and gifts.

“Sister Arlene was special, she was good, she was generous, you could ask her to do anything and she would do it,” Sister Mary Walters said.

Those who knew her and loved her believe she has left her mark at Notre Dame high school and in the community. They know she will certainly be remembered.

“I think her legacy would be one that helps others, she was always willing to do extra and if they want to be like Arlene, they want to be able to give to others so the world will be a better place,” Sister Mary Walters said.