Congressman Tom Reed faced some tough crowds over the weekend as he tried to explain his healthcare vote during town hall meetings in the 23rd congressional district.

People held banners that slammed the Republican from Corning during his town hall in Allegheny Saturday.

Reed supported the GOP healthcare bill that passed in the U.S. House last Thursday. The bill would repeal much of Obamacare, but some voters were concerned. They believe their medical bills could go up if they have pre-existing conditions. However, the Reed still believes he made the right move.

“I’m not concerned about the politics. The politics always takes care of itself, so long as you are leading, so long as you are trying to be part of the solution, that’s what we are trying to do here,” Rep. Reed said.  “The Affordable Care Act, the issue with prices, the premiums going up, this problem is not going away, so hopeful people will see that we are trying to solve the problem, and the politics, when you lead, I think takes care of itself.”

Congressman Reed was met with boos and jeers during other town halls in his district Saturday.