Congressman Tom Reed was featured on MSNBC Saturday morning via the 18 News studio. Reed spoke about the investigation into the Trump administration’s involvement with Russia during the election.

Reed said he’s looking forward to Bob Mueller, the newly-appointed prosecutor, getting to the bottom of the situation based on factual evidence.

Reed said he thinks people are “trying to take the president down, or take the agenda off track.”

“When you see things like the Intelligence Director Clapper says he saw no evidence of collusion, when you see the FBI Director Comey testify that no one asked him to do anything in regards to the investigations under oath,” Reed said. “You know these are indications that the – let’s see where the investigations go, but let’s not come to a predetermined conclusion that the president is somehow engaged in this nefarious activity, I just don’t see it at this point in time.”

Reed stressed in the meantime he will continue to work on amending the tax code.