(WETM) — New York State has the 25th most affordable utilities in the U.S., according to a report by move.org. Pennsylvania isn’t far behind, ranking 28th.

The report says that the average monthly utility cost is $390.79 for New Yorkers and $394.41 for Pennsylvanians. These figures include average costs for electricity, natural gas, water, water waste, broadband internet, streaming services, and phone. On average, people in most states spend more on their phone bills than the rest of their utilities at $114.

The report shows that both New York and Pennsylvania have become much more affordable compared to other states since 2021. Despite this, utilities have gone up in price overall across the country.

CPI data shows that the electricity price index has gone up by 12.9% in the past year, and the natural gas price index has gone up by 14.3%. New York residents can expect to spend about $110.47 on electricity and $61.69 on gas every month, and Pennsylvania residents can expect to spend $114.90 on electricity and $59.88 on gas.

To save money on gas, you can change your HVAC system’s filter every one to three months and keep up with its maintenance. To save money on your electric bill, you can avoid using your oven in the summer, keep your curtains and blinds closed during the day, and turn off appliances when you’re not using them.