ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – Crews have started repaving roads in Elmira, after years of complaints from drivers about pothole-covered streets. Part of North Main Street was shut down Tuesday, as crews paved the stretch from Water Street to Second Street. Church Street from North Main Street to Columbia Street was also paved.

“A couple weeks ago, we milled the surface back so we can have something fresh to start with right now,” said Rick Reynolds, a foreman for the Chemung County Department of Public Works. “We all know it was full of potholes, and it just lost its integrity. So we came back through, milled down the surface. Now we’re here to repave it. We started this morning at five o’clock to get all the roads cleaned up.”

On Wednesday, crews will continue repaving Church Street from Columbia Street all the way to Guinnip Avenue. One lane at a time will be open on Church Street on Wednesday and Thursday. Reynolds says he hopes both Main and Church Street will be completed by Friday.

“We ask that your vehicles are off the street, out of your driveways by 6 a.m.” said Reynolds. “We can’t have anyone driving over the mat as soon as it’s laid down, because that would make an imperfection to it. We can’t have that. We want this to be the final canvas. So that’s the only thing we ask, abide by all the traffic signals, all the signs that we have. The barricades, don’t go around them. You’re putting all my workers at risk. So just try to give yourself some extra time. Go around. It’ll be nice when it’s done.”

Several business owners told 18 News the road closures are hurting sales. But they agree the temporary inconvenience is worth it.

“When I spoke to you last time it was the day after the milling. No problem that day, but today, especially now at lunchtime, we’re totally, you know, without customers because nobody can get to our parking lot,” said David Panosian, owner of Mr. Panosian’s Famous Shoes.

“I was just on the phone with a lady. I’m giving her instructions on how to get to our back door, if you can find a parking space out back. So, it’s tough today. But like I said last time, it’s got to be done. So, there’s a little bit of suffering involved” said Panosian.

The full list of 2023 road work projects from the Chemung County DPW is below:

Milled and Repaved

  • Church St. (N. Main to Guinnip Ave.)
  • N. Main St. (Water St. to 2nd St.)
  • Roe Ave. (Hoffman to Walnut)
  • Lake St. (Water to E. Clinton)
  • Erie St. (Miller to Lake Ave.)
  • Sullivan Viaduct (Judson to East Ave.)
  • Lake St. (Wash to Warren)

Overlays (resurfacing)

  • Willys St. (Erie to the dead end)
  • Garden Rd. (Hoffman to Edgewood)
  • Euclid Ave. (Clinton to Fassett)
  • Valentine St. (Miller to Schuyler)
  • Oak St. (Wash to Harper)
  • Coburn St. (S. Walnut to the dead end)
  • Judson St. (Oak to Madison)
  • Powell/Boardman St. (Partridge to Lafrance)
  • Kendall Pl. (Davis to College)
  • Linden Pl. Ext. (Sullivan to City Yards)
  • Pleasant (Mt. Zoar to Franklin)

Other Chemung County Projects

  • Milling and repaving
    • Sing Sing Rd. – CR17 (Retirement Estates to Chambers South)
    • Schweizer Rd. – CR43 (new pavement to the dead end)
    • Philo Rd. – CR70 (the entire street)
    • Grand Central Ave. – CR62 (McConnell to Roosevelt)
  • Asphalt Recycling and Topping
    • Chambers Rd. – CR35 (Tompkins Corner to Murphy Hill)
  • Chip Sealing
    • Bird Creek Rd. – CR27
    • Sagetown Rd. – CR78
    • Lowman-Greatsinger Rd. – CR2
    • Warner St. – CR46
    • Langford Creek Rd. – CR13
    • Park Station Rd. – CR76